About the characters

Come and meet our colourful weirdos…

Caitlyn — hacker/programmer, public relations, and life of the party

Preferred pronouns: she/her
Current theme song:
Jump, Madonna
Alignment: chaotic good
Pastimes: gathering interesting facts and sharing them, raves, roller derby, making out
Drink of choice: fruity energy drinks, weird and exotic cocktails that even the bartender doesn’t know
Favourite pair of underwear: a silky pair that make her butt look unbelievably good – pink with black hearts and daggers


Fred — engineer, inventor/tinkerer, and occasional repairman

Preferred pronouns: he/him
Current theme song: Machine, The Tragically Hip
Alignment: lawful neutral
Pastimes: married to his work (after inventing, testing out, and playing with all those cool gadgets, who has time for other activities), though he sometimes listens to podcasts while he works
Drink of choice: black coffee (lots of it)
Favourite pair of underwear: an old pair of blue boxers that feel like freedom



Kathy — doctor

Preferred pronouns: she/her
Current theme song: Nothing to Prove, The Doubleclicks
Alignment: lawful good
Pastimes: seems like she is always focused on her work (and usually has many experiments going on at once)… but nobody knows what she does when she goes home
Drink of choice: oolong or sencha green tea, kombucha (she makes her own), mojito
Favourite pair of underwear: purple boyshorts (her lucky underwear: she was wearing them during her first major discovery)


Ellan — fearless leader

Preferred pronouns: he/him
Current theme song: Élan, Nightwish
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Pastimes: logic puzzles, video games, music, betting games (poker, billiard, etc.), and messing with people (in a good way, of course)
Drink of choice: black or pu’er tea with mint, scotch
Favourite pair of undewear: boxers with smiley faces on them (he had a dream about it before he found them)