About the creators

Magali Desjardins Potvin (a.k.a. the Record Keeper) — writer and artist of Ellan’s Lair. She enjoys chocolate, books, and creating worlds inside her head. She has been writing and drawing since childhood but is still new to Photoshop. She always has a notebook on hand, in case someone says something clever, but mostly it’s for when she gets a brilliant idea for how to insert a cool sci-fi concept into the Lair.

Joel Lamothe — writer and webmaster of Ellan’s Lair. He enjoys spicy foods, video games, anime. He likes to partake in all sort of manual labor and other activities from canoe to playing board games; he’s a real jack of all trades. His contribution to the Lair is sponsored by that part of his brain generating all sorts of ridiculousness — thank you, imagination!

Together, they think up comedic situations for the Lair’s protagonists, often while drinking lots and lots of tea (tea is good)!