Welcome to the Lair!

Hello and welcome to Ellan’s Lair! We’ve been working on this project for quite a while now and hope you will enjoy your time with our quirky cast as they make their way in the world (that is, in our near-future dystopic vision of Montreal).

Just a quick announcement/clarification: the first 6 pages of the comic (the Prologue) will be posted daily — so keep checking back with the Lair for the first week for the full story! After that, our regular publication schedule of one page per week will begin on Tuesday, March 27th.

New announcements will always be here in the blog section, including details on which conventions we hope to see you at this year. Also, feel free to check around the rest of the website for other “assorted goodies” as we go.


Thank you for reading!

— R.K. Magali

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