Holiday Break

So here we are, the « intro arc » of Ellan’s Lair is complete and we have started « arc 1 ». That’s 36 pages of comic — plus some bonus content. We’ve had a lot of fun writing these stories and I’ve enjoyed drawing them (and improving technique over time). Hope we’ve also done a good job of entertaining you and piquing your interest… because things are about to get serious (by which, of course, I mean silly, weird, science-y, intense, and eventually we hope to hit you right in the feels).

But, before we get to all of that, we’ll be taking a one month break from posting new comic pages while we write the next few chapters, get a head start on drawing, and enjoy the holidays with friends and family (artists are people too, you guys). That means… *gasp!* the first page of the next chapter will be posted on New Year’s day!

Until then, do not despair! We’ve got plenty to keep you occupied. With that in mind: be sure to follow/like/[insert internet lingo of the future here] us on Facebook, on Twitter, and now on Instagram as well — and share with your friends — because we’ll be sharing sneak peeks, bloopers (a.k.a. amusing drawing fails), updates (like when old pages are re-posted in colour), and bonus sketches (when we have the time). In fact, we’ve shared a pole for you all to tell us which is your favourite Lair character so far — and the lucky winner will be featured in a special « season’s greetings » drawing (our gift to you)!

So enjoy! Take care of yourselves, take care of each other. Be generous, if you can (personally, I’ll be participating in the geek-powered charity fundraiser Worldbuilders — which is going on until December 11th)… And we’ll see each other again in 2019!

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